Bicycles and Safety

The County Attorney is vital to advancing Southern Arizona as a cycling haven and destination, while improving safety and interests of our cycling community on the Loop, trails, and roads. We have known and trusted Laura for many years and fully support Laura Conover for Pima County Attorney because of her passion for and positions on the following issues: 

1. Safety 

Automobile-bicycle collisions are on the rise; we need a County Attorney committed to protecting cyclists from distracted driving. Meeting this challenge will require a County Attorney who appreciates the technological and legal issues involved. Over her career Laura has shown she will not shy away from truly challenging cases.

2. Shared Roads

Like many lifelong Tucsonans, Laura jumps on her bike several times a week “with a childlike love for it.” As an active member of the community, she knows that “bicycles aren’t just for recreation, but an essential form of transportation, in fact the only form of transportation for 16% of us who are on bike, foot, or public transit.” She knows we need to encourage commuter ridership and that commuters need safer conditions. Laura will stand beside us to expand the network and increase the comfort of commuters inside the city. She is a proponent of bike lane widening and improvement. 

3. Theft 

Laura is the reform candidate. Her life’s work has been devoted to studying and improving our failed criminal justice system. Over the past 40 years, the current County Attorney’s Office has emphasized locking people up for minor drug possession and paraphernalia which had the unintended consequence of creating burglary rings that directly impact the cycling community. Laura’s common sense reforms will free up resources to deal with the rings that target our homes and property (especially our bikes). As she says, “We are 80th in population, but #5 in bike thefts. We can and must do better. Bike theft needs increased attention and the resources to do the slow, methodical work of tracking the theft and fencing (selling) of bikes, and the follow up prosecutions that demonstrate the theft of a bike is no less serious than other intrinsically valuable property.”

Please share this message with your brothers and sisters in Tucson’s cycling community so Laura’s message can roll far and wide.

Leif Abrell & Bern Velasco