Conover for County Attorney Announces New, Healthy Campaign Strategies re: COVID-19

In November 2019, I announced my candidacy for Pima County Attorney. When my team and I began this campaign, we named it Safe and Sound/Sano y Salvo. We did so because the race for County Attorney in 2020 needs to be about public health as much as it is about safety.

Long have we known we cannot prosecute our way out of poverty, mental illness, and addiction, but the current County Attorney’s Office continues at a record pace with the prosecution of low-level, non-violent drug offenses.
The concept of a healthier community has resonated across our big, beautiful county. While it is critical we take care of ourselves, we also want to emphasize the need for community care to keep us all Safe and Sound/Sano y Salvo.
In light of current public health concerns, we are announcing the following:

We are canceling over 25 house parties currently set on our March and April calendar, following CDC recommendations to limit large gatherings and face-to-face contact.
Instead, we will begin weekly Facebook Live town halls, where our community can ask the tough questions all candidates for office should answer.
Lastly, we will no longer collect qualifying signatures from the public. We will only submit signatures we gathered by 10pm last night, and we will qualify for the ballot with this number.

This last point is most important. We want all Pima County residents to be able to vote for their preferred candidate. Public events are being canceled, limiting opportunities for candidates to collect signatures to get on the ballot. We have more than enough signatures to qualify, and we do not want to monopolize space or prevent other candidates from getting on the ballot. Some candidates have been the victim of unforeseeable circumstances brought about by this public health crisis, which could short-circuit the democratic process. We don’t want to take advantage of that. We don’t want to win an election by forfeit. And so, we promise not to challenge either of our opponents’ signatures, in order to help promote the fairest and most democratic outcome.

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For now: please be well; sea sano y salvo.