Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona

In the late 90s, I was an officer for the Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty. It was my first foray into community activism, and it was probably the toughest issue a teenager could have taken on in Arizona. It was a time when it was almost impossible to bring up the subject of alternatives to capital punishment.

My mother brought me to the issue from a moral and humanitarian standpoint, but as a kid who wanted to go to law school, I spent years continuing to research all of the various problems and dangers with having the government put people to death.

Yesterday, I was very proud to join the latest movement of Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona at their annual meeting and to share with them that in 2020 as a candidate for Pima County Attorney, I am questioned very thoroughly to make sure I am against the death penalty in order to win this vote for office. The human costs of the death penalty will always be my number one motivator, but it is also amazing how voters from any walk of life now understand the financial waste of pursuing the death penalty when a sentence of decades in prison is the obvious alternative. As a fiscally responsible administrator, I could not allow my most talented attorney to take a blank check of taxpayer money and litigate and re-litigate just one case for 20 years instead of spending those precious resources to keep our entire community safer each new day. Congratulations to DPAA for their fortitude, determination, and passion. I am proud to promise that the days of seeking the death penalty will immediately cease on Day One as your next County Attorney.