Laura: We Need A Special Prosecutor

Yesterday was traumatic for all of us; we watched Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez die. It is important to recognize the trauma is not new for some of us; now that trauma is commonly recorded on camera.
Yesterday we were reminded we need to expand mental health services, and we must continue to partner with mental health clinicians who are trained to respond to such situations.

Finally, yesterday, 120 people from the public joined together virtually to discuss and debate the future of policing and criminal justice in our community. I was asked how situations like Mr. Ingram-Lopez’s death should be handled by the Pima County Attorney’s Office. I said I would have long ago hired a special prosecutor to handle investigations and potential prosecutions related to the death of people in police custody. 

This special prosecutor would be independent and not report to the County Attorney, so public trust can improve and deepen. I offer this idea for the Pima County Attorney to use right now, for Carlos Adrian, and for his family.