Laura’s Statement re: Ahmaud Arbery

The County Attorney Must Be the People’s Attorney

Ahmaud Arbery’s death is horrible and traumatizing, especially for people in our community already traumatized by racism and violence. It has triggered my friends’ very personal and very frightening memories. It caused me to pause our volunteer operations, and re-think where amazing young people of every color were dropping off our yard signs this week.
Our community doesn’t need my outrage at how long it took authorities to bring charges in Mr. Arberys case. Instead, Pima County needs a committed leader to work day and night to build the kind of place where an injustice like this does not occur. Pima County needs a County Attorney who is also the people’s Attorney – for ALL of the people. Someone trusted, who was raised here, who is bilingual, and who will commit to not only being available and accessible, but also present at neighborhood meetings and churches. Not just during an election year but all the time, so the community can hold me accountable for everything I do.
We may disagree at times, but our community needs someone who will listen. Who will strive to understand our history, and the different stories and different paths that brought us together in Southern Arizona. I will hear you and be your attorney every step of the way. Yes, you will have my outrage, but you will also have me as an ally.