Statement on George Floyd

Many have asked me to comment further about the death of George Floyd. His murder was a reprehensible tragedy, and all those who caused it and stood by silently while it happened should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The reason I have not posted repeatedly – and truth be told, the reason I am still hesitant to do so – is because the communities most affected by his death, and by centuries of racism and oppression, have repeatedly told us what they want us to do. And it is not to take up more space, or have a contest to see which politician can condemn racism and Mr. Floyd’s murder the loudest. They are asking us to listen. To sit with their anguish and pain, to be uncomfortable, to meditate on what we have done – and can stop doing – to contribute to America’s tortured history of intolerance. That is where my head and heart have been. Filing charges against Derek Chauvin is the easy part. Making sure no one else suffers the same fate as George Floyd, or Breonna Taylor, or Tamir Rice – that is the hard work. It is work I am doing, and will always do.

Peace, health, and safety,