The Honorable Stanley Feldman Endorses Conover for County Attorney

Stanley Feldman, Retitred Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, Endorses Conover for County Attorney

I couldn’t be more honored to have the support and guidance of my own personal hero and warrior, Justice Feldman. As Chief Justice, Stanley Feldman wielded his mighty pen like a sword in battle. 

My consciousness awoke as a teenager here in Tucson in the ’90s and early 2000s. Three local prosecutors were charged with misconduct for twisting their words and the truth to win convictions at any cost. In Phoenix, men were being released from death row, having been wrongfully convicted. 

Chief Justice Stanley Feldman was an indomitable force. He righted terrible wrongs with his mind, his words, his actions. But it was with frustration that his opportunity often came years or even decades after the miscarriage of justice had occurred. 

I vowed then to play a role, some role, some day in trying to interrupt wrongs before they ever occurred. Justice Feldman knows I want to train young lawyers to reach out, to turn to a mentor of high integrity when they believe the evidence just isn’t right. When I am County Attorney, our future Pima County prosecutors will seek JUSTICE, not victory, and the community will be healthier and safer as a result.