We must continue forward!

It is well past time for some good news, and here it is:  
In August of 2016, approximately 87,000 people voted in the Democratic primary in Pima County.  
Last month, DESPITE COVID, nearly 145,000 people voted in the Dem primary.

Read that again; it’s worth it.  The turnout was historic.

If we can build on this, if we can get the message out that August was the warm up vote and October’s mail-in ballot is the Big Vote, anything is possible.

Team Conover is working night and day to take the overwhelming army of goodwill and support that YOU built and pay it forward to the candidates and causes important to us. Using what resources I can gather, I am still running field operations with Trace Gallagher to help other candidates. I hope to return to Spanish language radio for my unique opportunity to continue to talk about criminal justice reform in Spanish.

Why all this hard work?  Criminal Justice Reform will take a village!  
Here’s how it starts to come together, and this is only Part One:

Meet your Board of Supervisors candidates who will help reframe the general fund toward public health and away from incarceration.  

Rex Scott
Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1
Matt Heinz
Pima County Board of Supervisors District 2 
Sharon BronsonPima County Board of Supervisors District 3
Steve Diamond
Pima County Board of Supervisors District 4
Adelíta Grijalva
Pima County Board of Supervisors District 5

Meet your legislative candidates who will help us work to expunge records, and move us away from the War on Drugs that fill the demands of the private prison industry.

Andrés Cano
Arizona State Representative District 3
Domingo DeGrazia Arizona State Representative District 10 (L)
Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton Arizona State Representative District 10 (R)
Kirsten Engel Arizona State Senate District 10 (Center)
JoAnna Mendoza
Arizona State Senate District 11

Meet my future partner in Maricopa. Let’s get her elected to the County Attorney’s Office.  History in the making, if we have two reformers from the two largest counties in Arizona.

Julie Gunnigle
Maricopa County Attorney

Yes on Prop. 208
Invest in ED

Here’s how you can help! 

I have joined the Mayor as a surrogate for the coordinated campaign for our next President Joe Biden, but I want to make sure while we are reaching voters for Biden/Harris and Captain Kelly, we are educating that our local candidates are the stars who truly make our world go ’round.  

No contact lit drops:

EVERY SATURDAY- BIG EVENT! 9/26 at 8:00 AM – 12:00 PMOne of our biggest supporters during the primary, Adelíta Grijalva, is still hosting literature drops from Grijalva HQ! You can pick up literature for her and other candidates like Gabriella Cazares-Kelly and Andrés Cano every Saturday 8 AM-12 PM at 1321 W. St. Mary’s Rd.

Let’s all turn out this Saturday the 26th together!

Phone banking: 
So far, we have been invited to phone bank for the of the ballot down to phone bank for our future county supervisors Sharon Bronson, Rex Scott, and Steve Diamond as well as future State Senator JoAnna Mendoza!

Are you wondering about the Supreme Court?  We need prosecutors who will stand tall if Roe v Wade should fall. You can take action today. Check in on your friends north of the Gila River. We don’t just mean Phoenix, we mean any friends, family, co-workers from Tempe to Mesa to Chandler to Guadalupe.  Call them all.  Check on them, send them your love, tell them how important it is to VOTE JULIE. 

For more information on how you can help, please contact Trace Gallagher at trace.gallagher87@gmail.com. Please have “Laura Volunteer” in the subject.    And add phonebank or lit drop to note your preference.

Pima County Democratic Headquarters has stock on yard signs and literature from a wide variety of candidates, including Biden/Harris! Contact Joshua Polacheck at joshua@pimadems.org

Juntos.  Vámanos,

Laura Conover