• Protecting our Community
    Reinstated Pima County’s first fraud unit, recovering over $1M by year one for scam victims; Worked with Tucson public safety to reduce homicides by 36% and robberies by 39% from their pandemic peak, achieving one of the nation’s fastest recoveries.
  • Prioritize Recovery, Not Punishment
    Introduced diversion programs and alternative options to steer those with mental health and substance issues away from prosecution and into treatment, saving taxpayers millions.
  • Smart on Crime
    Abandoned wasteful, failed, and racially harmful policies such as the death penalty and prosecuting children as adults discretionarily.
  • Restorative Justice
    Launched Arizona’s first adult restorative justice program, providing nonviolent offenders an alternative to prosecution with victim-centered solutions, fostering growth, accountability, and breaking cycles of recidivism.


  • Fighting for Reproductive Rights
    Fought to protect safe, legal abortion access when Republicans tried to reinstate an 1864 abortion ban and won; continue fighting to protect our rights to reproductive freedom.
  • Protecting Our Environment
    Continuing our fight to protect Pima County’s groundwater, after 3 major legal wins, ensuring a healthy environment for future generations.
  • Ending Crime Before it Begins
    Breaking cycles of violence by drafting a red flag gun bill, handing out over 40,000 gun locks so far, and endlessly supporting communities out where they live.
  • Confronting the Fentanyl Crisis
    Tackling Southern Arizona’s deadly drug crisis by convening City and County leaders, bringing Public Health to the table, distributing Narcan, and saving lives through the Nation’s first Pre-Charge Drug Court.